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Your Ultimate Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty certain that there are two types of brides in this world: those who have already started collecting items for their wedding day emergency kit and those who hear the words ‘emergency kit’, look around nervously, and quickly jot it down on the to-do list.

Whether an emergency kit is something that you’ve started packing from the early stages of wedding planning or if it’s something you didn’t even consider, I think we can all agree that naturally there are just some must-have items that you’ll want with you on your big day.

An emergency kit is so much more than just a first aid kit, (and also quite a bit different from your general packing list). An emergency kit should contain any item that you, your partner, or your bridal party might need in the course of a 24-hour timeframe. This might make me sound paranoid, (personally, I like to think of it as being super-prepared!) but think of any issue that might arise on your wedding day and prepare for it in advance – this is basically about outsmarting all the things that could go wrong!

A good emergency kit will prepare, protect, and prevent.

Think of things that might make you uncomfortable on the biggest day of your life and be proactive in responding to your needs (i.e. allergies acting up, a contact falls out, breakfast stuck in your teeth, a stain on your dress… you get the idea).

As a Day-of Coordinator, I like to carry an emergency kit with me to weddings so that my couples don’t have to. Before you start purchasing items for your kit, check with your coordinator or planner to see if he or she provides one complimentary for your big day – a simple ask might save you a lot of time and a lot of money!

Here are the items from my emergency kit that I have had to use in the past year of coordinating weddings (as in these are the items that my couples, their bridal parties, or their guests needed):

  • Eye drops
  • Blister protector
  • Band-Aids
  • Pain reliever
  • Tissues
  • Safety pins
  • Scissors
  • Bobby pins
  • Clear zip ties
  • Lint roller

Below are a few items in my emergency kit that might raise an eyebrow, but are useful in ways that you might not expect:

  • White chalk – A temporary fix for stains on your white dress! You’ll want to have stain remover in your emergency kit, but white chalk will cover up any stubborn stain that won’t come out.
  • Clear nail polish – Stops runs in nylons and prevents a chipped nail from any further damage.
  • Baby powder – Absorbs moisture (nerves might make you sweat!) and prevents your dress from chafing or scratching your underarms.
  • Heel protectors – Solemates has these really nice clear heel caps that slide onto the bottom of your heels to prevent you from sinking into the grass – an emergency kit must-have that you didn’t even know you needed!
  • Sandpaper – New shoes and slippery floors don’t mix well. Sandpaper can help you scratch up the bottom of your shoes for better grip.
  • Straws – To enjoy a cocktail without ruining your lipstick!

Click below for our full list of wedding day emergency kit items!

Ultimate Wedding Day Emergency Kit
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