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Your Dream Job Shouldn’t Just Be a Dream

I struggled for so many years trying to quiet down the voice inside my head (and my heart) that told me that I was meant to be an Event Coordinator. I had discovered my dream job all the way back in middle school, but I never saw it as a dream within reach.

Being “good” at school was a blessing, but also a curse in disguise – I had so much potential, and nearly everyone I knew had high expectations for my future.

I always had this idea in my head that if I went to school to be an Event Coordinator, I’d end up being a disappointment to my parents. My mom and dad always taught me that I should find a career with job security, one where I’d be helping others and making a difference in this world. I love my parents with everything in me, but it took me many years to realize that job security isn’t everything – we weren’t put on this earth to simply survive, we were put on this earth to discover happiness and help others discover happiness as well.

After years of pretending that I could be happy with a degree in Health Promotion or Physical Therapy, I realized just how unhappy I had made myself in the process. I was miserable to say the least. I’d come home from a long day of class and cry to my fiancé (bless your heart, Jarrod). I knew that if I didn’t make my dreams of working in the events industry come true, I’d always be this miserable, and that wasn’t okay with me.

I needed a way out, but I felt stuck. I spent four years in college, pursuing degrees that I hated—for the record, Health Promotion and Physical Therapy are great degrees, just not for me—and I honestly felt like a failure.

With a huge push from my fiancé, I took a leap of faith and decided to make my dream job a reality. I enrolled in a Meeting and Event Management program and started working towards the career that I had always wanted. I felt a fire that I had never felt before. I finally felt like I was in control of my future – I had this incredible motivation and drive to succeed, a feeling I had never experienced before.

I’ve been working in the wedding and events world for 3 years now, and I can honestly say that I am in LOVE with my career choice. There have been days where I’ve worked 18 hours straight, and I’ve still gone home loving my job and wanting to go back the next day. Isn’t this something we should all strive for?

Let me ask you, are you working towards the career of your dreams? If your current job and your dream job aren’t one and the same, aren’t you doing something wrong? Your dream job shouldn’t just be a dream; it should be your reality. I’m not sure it’s possible to make a positive impact on this world and on those around you if you aren’t passionate about the work you’re doing.

It’s never too late to chase after your dreams. What’s your dream job? Go, make it happen.

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