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Wedding Planning: A Groom’s Perspective

Planning my own wedding was a dream. The day after we got engaged, I was already creating the guest list, researching my favorite venues, and trying to choose between a spring or fall wedding.

Call me crazy. It’s fine.

Working in the wedding and events world, I spent a lot of time coordinating weddings and planning events, and finally it was time to plan my own!

My fiancé (now my husband) on the other hand was brand new to the world of wedding planning. He seemed to enjoy being involved in all of it, though. He gave his opinions and helped make quite a few wedding-related decisions. Jarrod even asked to help with some of the tedious tasks, like putting together our hotel welcome bags!

Let’s be real: the internet is full of wedding planning advice from and for brides; so, I decided to put a little spin on things and give you a groom’s perspective. Here is what Jarrod had to say about wedding planning and all things wedding-related:

What are three things you learned about planning a wedding?

“There’s a lot more to do than what I expected.”

“It’s the bride’s vision that matters.”

Wow, I trained this man well. 😉

*Pauses to continue playing his video games*

“There’s a lot more to do than what I expected. Can I reiterate that?”

What advice would you give to a groom that’s in the early stages of wedding planning?

“Help where you can. Understand that your bride is not going to let you help a lot.”

“Create a budget. And stick to it.”

What was your favorite thing about wedding planning?

“Food tasting.”

Quite the answer. Why am I not surprised. Thanks, hubs.

What was your least favorite thing about wedding planning?

“Stuffing welcome bags, but I wanted to help with this because I didn’t think it was fair for you to do it all on your own.”

What do you wish you would have done differently?

“Not get married in a blizzard. Looking back though, I’m kind of glad it was a blizzard. It made the day memorable, but I’m sure it was stressful for our guests.”

Thank you, Blizzard Evelyn.

What did you learn about your bride while planning the wedding?

“I knew my bride pretty well before the planning began. I knew she’d be on top of things.”

In your eyes, what makes a wedding memorable?

“The attention to details.”

YES! Good answer!

What should you splurge on for your wedding?

“Whatever’s important to you and your bride. If flowers are really important to you, spend money on flowers. If a nice venue is really important to you, spend money on the venue. Your wedding’s what you make it.”

Was anything a waste of money?

“No, because I got married to you.”

Awwww, stop it.

Anything you’d recommend doing or not doing on your wedding day?

“Take the time to step back and appreciate it all.”

“Don’t get drunk. There ain’t no time for that.”


There you have it. Insider knowledge from a newlywed and the husband of a wedding and event planner.




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