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The Benefits of Volunteering: Plot Twist!

We’ve all been tasked with leaving the world a little bit better off than how we found it, and one easy way to ensure we succeed at this is to dedicate some of our time to volunteer work.

Volunteering in your community has a positive impact on those around you (obviously!), but let’s dive into the ways that volunteering helps YOU (sometimes it’s okay to be a bit selfish)!

Helping others while indirectly helping yourself? Now that’s the perfect situation!

Scroll down for 5 ways volunteering benefits YOU:

1. Volunteer work looks fantastic on a resume

Getting involved in your community can quickly lead to other opportunities and advancements – a perfect example of this: you know how employers require that you have prior experience in the field of work you’re applying, but you don’t know how to get experience if no employer is willing to take a chance on you? Simple solution for you… volunteer! Gain valuable experience in your desired area of work by volunteering, so easy… right?!

2. You’ll meet new people & gain great friends or connections in the process!

Volunteering opens up the opportunity to meet new people and create connections that you wouldn’t have been able to create otherwise. It is through these volunteer experiences that you can meet people and network with others. These people can lead you to potential opportunities as well. Who knows, you could volunteer for an organization, and meet your future employer in the process.

3. It keeps you active

Get your steps in for the day while volunteering! Getting out into your community and completing volunteer tasks is a great way to stay active, especially if your typical work day includes you sitting at a desk for most of it.

  4. It makes you feel good

If volunteering is a chore, you’re doing it wrong. Choose a volunteer shift that interests you and it’ll make a world of difference. You wouldn’t believe some of the volunteer opportunities available to you – go check out This website is an incredible resource for those looking for local volunteer opportunities; organizations post volunteer shifts on this website and VolunteerMatch helps connect you to their cause. Give back to the community by doing something you love – you’ll help those around you AND you’ll squeeze a few extra smiles and laughs into your day!

 5. You’ll gain a greater sense of purpose

Knowing that your work matters and makes a difference in your community is one of the greatest gifts out there; the feeling of having a greater purpose might just be what you’ve been searching for all along.

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