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Kindest in the Valley: Recipient #02, Reza Rend

When asked if he would allow me to recognize him for being so kind, he responded “…I don’t think I deserve it.”

After much convincing that he truly is one of the kindest people in the Fox Valley, Reza agreed to meet me for a cup of tea. By question two of my Kindest in the Valley “interview”, he had already nominated someone else for this recognition and reward – just more proof that this man is one of the sweetest souls out there!

Reza grew up in Iran with parents who are teachers – a little fact that makes perfect sense when you get to know him; he is incredibly curious and always striving to learn more about the world.

After completing his undergrad in Iran, Reza decided to come to the United States to further his education in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. In total, Reza spent 10 years in college and he has the brains to prove it!

He was offered a job at Kimberly-Clark and moved to the Fox Valley to work as a “lazy Engineer” – we had a good laugh over this! Basically, he works at a computer and helps troubleshoot problems for engineers at the company (there’s a much more professional and technical job description for his position at KC, but hey, this definition makes sense to me!).

Reza is intelligent, giving, SO interesting (he knows 3.5 languages and has many good stories to tell!), kind-hearted, and caring. He is incredibly positive and optimistic, and my goodness does he have a laugh that could make even the saddest person happy!

He enjoys volunteering, traveling, reading, biking, and running in his free time. He helps tutor elementary students in math, and helps other community organizations with miscellaneous volunteer tasks. Why? “I get bored, and I like to be useful and help the community”.

I asked Reza a series of questions, and here were his answers:

What inspires you to be so kind?

“It’s not something I choose to do. It’s just a natural, normal thing for a person to be kind.”

Reza, I couldn’t agree more!


Where do you get your energy from?

Reza smiles, “chocolate chip scones and tea.”

That might be my favorite answer to a question, ever.


Tell me a crazy story or fact about yourself.

“Do you want my unrealistic or realistic bucket list? I want to go to outer space.” Reza then continued on and told me that when there was a sign-up for volunteers to travel to Mars on a one-way-trip, he researched it in hopes to sign-up, but by the time he found it the sign-up was already full. WHAT. Does this man have no fear?! I think we all need to take a page out of Reza’s book – he is constantly trying to learn more, see more, and do more. What an incredible way to live!


Reza’s message to all of you:

“…live more tolerantly. We have a lot more in common with each other than we think.”

You are so right, Reza! I’m with you.

Thank you for being so kind! The Fox Valley is VERY lucky to have you in our community.

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