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Kindest in the Valley: It’s Almost Here!

Working with volunteers has opened my eyes to the good in the Fox Valley community. I have met so many wonderful, kind-hearted people in the Appleton area, and it is so refreshing and reassuring to be surrounded by people who are putting in the effort to make the world a better place.

I love kind people, and She Be But Little has given me the platform to recognize and reward them!

Kindest in the Valley was created to identify one kind person in the Fox Valley every month.

Here’s how it works:

  • The community is encouraged to send in their nominations
    • Message SBBLittle on social media or send an e-mail to
    • SBBLittle is ALWAYS accepting nominations
    • Include the nominee’s name and why you think they deserve to be recognized
  • I will choose one nominee per month to recognize as the Kindest in the Valley
  • I will sit down with this nominee to learn his/her story, and I’ll share his/her story through a blog post
  • The nominee will receive a gift and the title of being one of the Kindest in the Valley, of course!

Although I can’t promise to recognize every single person who is nominated, I do promise to consider each nominee.

A little disclaimer: I do not endorse everything each Kindest in the Valley recipient has ever said or done. I simply reward people for their recent kind behavior.

Now that we all know what Kindest in the Valley will look like, here’s a little sneak peek at our first recipient!

  • Recipient #01 will be announced on Tuesday, February 20th – keep your eye out for the blog post!
  • The recipient is a retired teacher
  • The recipient is full of energy, love, and compassion for others
  • I sat down with the recipient this past week and spent an hour and a half chatting and laughing with her
  • The recipient spends her free time volunteering, going on adventures, attending concerts, reading, and getting to know new people


I can’t wait to share recipient #01’s story with all of you! She deserves the recognition for being such a bright light and smiling face in this community.

Stay tuned!


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