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Congratulations! You’re Engaged! … Now What? – PART TWO

PART TWO – A continuation of yesterday’s blog post.

You’ve always dreamt of this moment – saying “yes” to the one you love. Your ring finger is sparkling and you’re giddy with excitement, but what’s next? Let’s walk through some of the things you’ll want to do now that you’re engaged!


6. Choose a few dates

If you have your heart set on one specific date, you’re going to have fewer venue options (unless of course you’re planning two+ years out!). It’s best to narrow down a wedding date to two or three options and shop around for a venue based off of those. Be sure to run your date options by your closest family and friends – you don’t want to sign a contract with a venue only to realize that your sister can’t make it to the wedding. If your dream venue can host your event on any of your date options, awesome, take your pick! If it can only host your wedding on one of the date options, well then, you have your answer!


7. Venue shopping

The obvious first step to venue shopping is to decide on a location – are you keeping it local, going back to your hometown, tying the knot in the city that you met? Choose your location first, and then start researching venues in that area. Things to keep in mind: make sure you’re researching venues that can accommodate your estimated guest list. There’s no point in researching that 75 person capacity venue if you have your heart set on inviting 300 guests to your wedding celebration. Once you have a list of your top venue options, call/e-mail to get information on pricing and availability. As soon as you have a venue(s) in mind that meets your guest list, availability, and pricing expectations, be sure to set-up an in-person meeting with the venue’s Event Manager. Don’t make any final decisions until you’ve done your research and seen the place in-person.


8. Create an inspiration board

This might be an easy task if you’ve been adding to a wedding Pinterest board for years like many of us have! If you do have a Pinterest board full of wedding inspiration, start sorting through it and narrowing it down – print off your favorite pieces and pin them to a physical board so you can start to perfect your wedding-day vision! If you don’t have Pinterest, (what?! You people exist?!) start by searching online or through wedding magazines for photos that speak to you. See a bridal bouquet that you like? Cut it out and pin it to a cork board. The most beautiful tablescape you’ve ever seen? Cut and pin. Visualizing your dream wedding can help you in the big decisions to come.


9. Start researching wedding planners and other vendors

Okay, so you don’t think you need a full wedding planner, you “know what you’re doing”; that’s fine, but consider hiring a day-of wedding coordinator to take some of the stress off. You should be able to relax on your wedding day and truly enjoy every moment of the day – you don’t want to be worrying about whether or not your favors got placed or if your groomsmen are lined up in time for the processional. Let someone else do the work for you, this way you’ll be able to enjoy a flawless day and soak up every last bit of your wedding.

As far as other wedding vendors go, start researching and asking for recommendations. Read reviews! Reviews speak volumes about wedding vendors. Be skeptical about the best “deals” or the lowest prices in the wedding industry – you get what you pay for. Figure out what’s most important to you (beautiful photographs, a stunning floral bouquet, your wedding-day hair & makeup, etc.) and spend a little extra on those.


10. Be an engaged couple

Wait what? Let me explain. Take the time to enjoy this stage of your lives – wedding planning is coming at you fast, and it’s easy to get caught up in the details of your big day. Take the time to continue dating each other; it’s so important to put the wedding books away from time to time and focus on your relationship. That said, do take advantage of your fiancé status and attend a wedding show together, take ring selfies, buy a ring dish, what have you. Have fun during this crazy, exciting time of your lives and don’t forget what’s most important: your love for each other!

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